We have for more than 10 years made webpage and other web based solutions.

When we started to work with web solutions we started using a system named Joomla. Joomla is open source that means it is free to use for private, organizations and companies. Joomla is a Content Management System.

In the last years we have deliver some small webpage where the customer receives a webpage with one or several pages.  We deliver setup, a layout and adaptation of graphics and pictures.

Some of our customers have more complex tasks, where we might have to make a presentation of data based on the customer’s own data and structures. An example:

We have a customer who delivers certificates to their customers (users). We have delivered a webpage where their users can login and collect their certificates. We identified in our customer ERP system data which the webpage should use. We built the page, where at login the user transactions are being looked up and there is generated a link for each transaction. A part of this task were to conclude and explain how our customer’s data were secure.

We explain willingly more about webpages and web solutions, call or write then we will take the conversation.